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UK Government launches online voluntary NI payments tool

The updated "Check Your State Pension Forecast" tool, developed by HMRC and the Department for Work and Pensions, now offers a comprehensive, end-to-end service. This service enables taxpayers to review their pension forecasts and submit voluntary payments directly.

It provides the opportunity for most taxpayers who are below the state pension age to identify any deficiencies in their National Insurance (NI) records and to make voluntary contributions to address these gaps.

Users can also determine the potential increase in their state pension by making additional voluntary NI contributions, and calculate the necessary payments to secure this increase.

Through this enhanced platform, individuals can select specific years they wish to cover, complete the payments securely within the system, and receive email confirmation that their payments have been processed and their NI record updated.

Access to this tool is available through the "Check Your State Pension Forecast" page on  or via the HMRC app. Users can sign into this service with their personal tax account credentials. Those who do not have an online account with HMRC are required to set one up on .

The service is open to the majority of taxpayers, including those residing overseas who wish to make voluntary contributions for the periods they lived in the UK.

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