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Accountancy is really quite simple. It’s about numbers, about ensuring that those numbers are exactly as they should be. As accountants we trade in certainty for our clients and for yours. At Finlay-Mulligan we know that the way we go about the business of minding yours is what our success rests on. We also believe that the way we go about ours is just as important. 


These are the values that we stand over, that inform our way of doing things…


We are Trusted.

We deliver peace of mind to our clients and our employers.


We are Approachable.

We simplify and clarify our process for clients. Transparency works. 


We are Empowering.

Our knowledge and expertise can help businesses to grow in size and confidence.


We are Progressive.

A century in business has taught us to be forward looking in our approach. We care about sustainability. We are equal opportunity employers

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